Affiliate Links & Works Cited

Here are some companies that I truly believe will make your experience with selling and shipping comics so much easier.  Save yourself time and money by using these products, that after countless hours of reasearch, I have found to be absolutely worth it!  Support small businesses!  This is especially important to do during the pandemic.
Tired of buying ink cartridges and paper for your shipping labels?  Tired of cutting and taping each individual label to a package?  Get all of it done in a fifth of the time of manual printing and taping.  Use our affiliate identifier archiveofcomics, email us to let us know and we'll send you some freebies!
This is the site where I cited MicroChamber paper in the eBook.  MicroChamber paper is a great way to slow down the aging process in your books and keep pages from yellowing.
One of the best ways to store your collection is with Mylar and acid-free supplies.  One of the most used in the industry and quite economical in bulk is E. Gerber.
One of my good friends from my radio days helped me a great deal in setting up this site.  He and his business partners have an awesome site dedicated to survival and exporation gear.


Looking for an easy way to buy and sell things on your phone?  Mercari has been a welcome new app that I love to use!  Sign up now and get $10 towards your first order.