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November 3, 2020


New eBook Tells All on Selling, Shipping Comics
Doing it right, for less to make more

If you want to get rid of that comic collection, there’s an eBook for that. Titled simply, How to Buy and Ship Comics, the eBook is the first resource of its kind that provides ‘how to’ on evaluating comics, selling them, and most importantly, shipping them the right way.

The author is Joe Arciaga, a world traveler that has opened several businesses across the country.  This next venture takes him back to one of his original passions of collecting comic books. Arciaga recognized a need for a guide that encompassed a thorough explanation on selling comic books.  

What qualifies him as an expert on the topic? Consider this: In only his third year of selling comics he has 100% positive ratings on multiple platforms with over 750+ transactions.  

“I figure if I can take what I’ve learned as a buyer and seller, and put the information in one place, then it could save people a lot of time and heartache if they decided to get into selling comics,” said Arciaga.

His business background of running a national sales force that generated over $2 million in revenue has helped shape his work ethic to be able to teach himself about how to create a site, market himself, and also provide top notch customer service.

“Even after multiple Google searches on the topic of selling comics, there are several different factors that come into sales.  So the eBook seemed like the obvious choice to create,” he said.

Each eBook also comes with a comic so the reader can put the guide to use by shipping a book safely and efficiently right away.




Joe Arciaga - Founder of The Archive of Comics

     My love for comic books started when I was nine. My dad was in the Air Force and we were stationed overseas in Germany. When my dad would come home with the paper every week, he would grab a comic book for me as well. I've always loved reading so this really spiraled into much more. Years later, when we moved back to the US, I finally got to go to an actual comic shop. Talk about a kid in a candy store! It was so exciting to see a whole store dedicated to nothing but comics! I collected heavily for a few years until I got into junior high, where the hobby took a backseat for decades.

     In 2018 I was doing a random search on OfferUp-an online marketplace-and comics came up. And bam, there I was back into one of my oldest hobbies. The big thing I quickly learned was that the game had changed in terms of value and variants. Because of the popularity of the movies, values of key books had increased exponentially since the early 90s when I collected as a kid. Not to mention, the industry was now doing variant covers to increase profit. A variant cover is basically the same book with a different cover done by another artist. They're usually done in low print runs with great artists to drive the demand and value of a book. The major benefit is the artwork is taken to another level and many deem these covers are collectible pieces of art.

     In my never-ending quest to fill the gaps in my collection, I went to a garage sale. The guy running it was offering a fill-a-box sale. I could put as many issues into a box for a flat rate. I quickly texted an old friend about my find (this is a common thing in the hobby - to brag about your books). He referred me to a few comic groups on Facebook. Not only did I find great deals on books, but an outlet to sell books, too! In the 2 years in these groups I've bought dare I say, hundreds of books haha! This not only helped me grow my collection but it taught me a valuable lesson on how to pack and ship comics. Fast forward to 2020! I met my yearly sales goal within three months, largely motivated by wedding expenses. Since a large number of businesses had to close down due to Covid-19, I had the idea to write a book to help others not make the same mistakes I made. My goal for this book is to save you lots of heartaches, plus a great deal of time and money.

Good luck and feel free to reach out with any questions!

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- Joe Arciaga




The Archive of Comics was created by a long-time collector turned seller/writer.  Our goal is to help educate anyone new to the hobby and also focus on the correct way to store and keep a comic collection.  



Book Facts 

How to Sell and Ship Comics eBook Cover

To successfully sell and ship comics you need to do it right.  My latest eBook is the culmination of 3 years of selling with over 750+ transactions via multiple selling apps with 100% positive customer ratings.

  • Learn the basics of comics from decades of experience.
  • Save countless hours of time and immeasurable amounts of money.
  • Learn how to pack comic books safely and efficiently.
  • Find places to buy and also how to set up invoicing.
  • Identify the prime conditions on how to store a book and collection.

Each eBook comes with a free comic book so that you can see firsthand how to ship a comic safely and effectively.



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