Will the Collectible Bubble Burst Soon?

     It seems that the pandemic has created an incredible resurgence into the collectibel market.  For some, stimulus payments were spent on collectibles., especially in the comic world.  The hobby saw high graded key books sell for all-time records.  A prime example is Amazing Spider-Man #300 with a CGC 9.8 selling far north of $4k!  When just a year ago a copy would top right over $1k.  It seems just about all major keys are on the rise.  So this leads to our original question, will the bubble burst?

     Another good example of a book that went through the roof was Ultimate Fallout #4.  Enter the Spider-Verse definitely made an impact across the hobby.  In my personal opinion it was one of the best comic book based movies I've seen.  I'm slightly bias though as I'm a Spider-Man fan and saw it in 3D IMax when it first hit theaters.  Add that along with Miles Morales going to be in a new game on PS4 and you've got more fuel to the fire.  I think that because there were no cons or movies, that the comic community was hungry for something and bit at even a video game appearance.  

     We've talked about Copper and Modern Age comics, next was a current issue that caught fire it seemed overnight, Amazing Spider-Man #55.  Pat Gleason drew up a beautiful concept with only webbing and a solid background.  The Virgin Variant is still holding to it's value over the trades and subsequent printings with different colors.  

     I've got a few buddies that are into vintage video games/systems and a few that are into sportscards and also Pokemon cards.  And they're all saying the same thing.  They're seeing record high prices peek for sought after cards way above the normal asking prices.  Will prices take a dip after the pandemic and those that had a quick infatuation with their hobby leave and pursue other things.  Or do you think these prices are here to stay.  Unfortunately for several lifelong collectors like myself, lots of books are quickly become out of reach.  What are your thoughts?  Drop a comment below and let us know what you think.

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