Which Superhero Are you?

     This post is nothing but silly fun.  There are a plethora of these quizzes out there on the web.  Why not try some to see who I am, if I would be a superhero or villian that is. 

What Superhero or Villian are You?

  • This one was fairly short and I would've never guessed I would be Wonder Woman!  haha

The Superhero Quiz

  • The quiz had more questions but was laid out easier to fill out.  It turns out I was 80%  the Flash and Green Lantern with Iron Man coming in third at 65%.

Which Superhero Are You from Buzzfeed

Which Superhero Are You from How Stuff Works

  • Ok, my favorite superhero is Spider-Man but my fourth try and I'm still pretty far from that.  This quiz was simple but a bit longer to complete.  At the end, apparently I'm Superman?

Which Superhero Are You Based on Your Personality

  • Finally I feel this one hit the nail on the head.  The result was Daredevil, which I'm a big fan of and read as a kid.  Plus the Netflix show exceeded my expectations in every way.  Read about my favorite Marvel TV shows here.

How Well Do You Know Your Marvel Superheros?

  • This one was totally different from the rest.  The quiz tests your basic knowledge of Marvel Superheros.  If you've watched the movies and paid attention, you should pass this with flying colors.  As I got 100% from answering 30 questions.  



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