What's the Most Unique Thing in Your Collection?

     One of the funnest part of collecting is finding truly unique items that are one-of-a-kind.  These can range from commissions done by artists on covers to personalized signed books.  Even more fun is finding a comic from an extremely limited or low print run.  Currently error books have come in to that minority that collectors are beginning to place more value in.  Some of those books being the original Batman Damned with the now infamous "Batwang".  And also Wolverine #131 which was recalled for a racial slur.  And there's always the age old debate on how some collectors put such high value on to newstand issues over direct editions.  If you're unfamiliar, back in the 80's, publishers wanted to distinguish between books sold at regular newstands vs those sold exclusively at comic shops.  The reasoning is that people that bought off the rack in newstands probably didn't take as much care in handling books as those bought by a collector at a comic shop.

     For me in the past few years one of the most unique things I've come across in buying books was a retailer omnibus.  It took a little digging but I found that the big softcover books that I acquired where given to retailers at a convention back in the 90's.  They basically have a collection of the books all put in to each volume.  I initially got them with the intent to sell them at a later date.  But when I found only one copy on eBay and nothing else out there from researching different platforms, I decided to keep it.  Especially since the 90's was the time I was reading books the most when I was a kid. 

     What's the most unique book or piece in your collection?  What makes it so special?  What makes it special to you?  Let's have a little fun with this one.  We get up to twenty comments, we'll do a giveaway!

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