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     I think every kid at one point wants to work at a comic book or video game company.  As these are two things that are a huge priority to kids growing up.  For me that evolved to some sort of music related business/company as I grew up listening to hip-hop and house music.  Upon graduation with my degree in Mass Communication I was lucky enough to begin my career in the music industry at the local alternative rock station.  The job was everything you wanted it to be, lots of fun and getting paid to do it.  In addition to the full time promotions job I worked at a local Italian bakery all throughout high school and up until that time on the weekends to make extra money.  

     Summers were the busiest for both of my jobs and one week I clocked 92 hours.  It was enough for me to rethink how long I could be doing both as I was starting to mature to an introvert after doing so many promotions and events.  I learned about a promotions coordinator position that had opened up in St Louis and went down for an interview.  I was humble to be offered the position after seeing the stack of resumes from applicants.  I put everything I owned in a rental van and moved down at the end of summer in 03.  On my 2nd year down there I was let go.  So I revamped my resume and went in search of my next adventure.

     After a short stint serving at an Italian restaurant I landed an outside sales position selling office supplies B2B.  This job would take me to Dallas then Little Rock learning the basics of the industry and refining myself as a sales person.  In 2008 I opened up my first company and had a tremendous first year.  As anyone that has run a business knows, the 2nd year is the toughest as a majority of businesses fail in that period of time.  I had a setback and in 2010 I closed my company which I had relocated to Ft Worth for another opportunity.  I went to spend some time with my mentors in NYC/Long Island and opened up another business working with a telecom company.  Fast forward to a few more moves and my last one at the moment to Ohio. 

     It was in Columbus that I was able to fine tune my business for success with the help from a number of business partners.  I won a few awards myself personally and my company would go on to win a number of awards not only locally but nationally in our last few years.  I made the tough call to close my business to pursue my passions.  One of those being comic books as I thought about what I would do that wouldn't feel like work at all.  And it's a fascinating hobby as it's hugely popular now due to all the super hero blockbusters that have come out within the past decade.  Thanks for taking the time to learn a little more about me and helping me cultivate this passion. 

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