Interview Series with Tommy Law - Founder/Owner of Yellow Snow Comics

     I'm starting an interview series with a variety of people in the hobby.  Some will be sellers, collectors, and even artists and stores as well.  It's always fun to learn about what got others into collecting and what they like.  Plus it's a small community and we should all help support each other especially during these times of a pandemic.  So here's our first interview with more to come!

     Tommy Law has been collecting comics since a young age and started his own store from aspirations to be able to work closely with artists.  I met him through many a FB groups.  He's a great seller as I've bought several books from him.  Tommy's always available, quick to reply, packs extremely well and ships promptly.  Like myself, he believes packing is an art and he takes pride in doing it right.  Check out his store and show him your support as he just opened up his site recently.


What got you into comics?
  • The story!


Favorite childhood memory about comics?
  • Going to my LCS after school and grabbing the newest issue of what I read for Valiant, Image and Marvel at the time. My friends and I were heavily into Valiant and each of us had our own collection of their runs. I was heavily into Eternal Warriors and Ninjak.


What got you into selling comics?
  • For the love of comics and being able to work with artists.


Biggest mistake you made when you started selling?
  • How much time it takes to pack! I work 40-60 hours a week in my day job, married with kids and now run an online exclusive shop. Packing is an art for me, just like pressing and cleaning books. I do my best to pack everything to be safe and those extra couple of minutes add up when I am packing 10-20 packages a day.


What’s your favorite character or title to collect?
  • Favorite character? More like favorite characters! Spider-Man, Venom, Miles and a ton of indie books. I am currently working on finishing my entire ASM 1-800 run. Down to just about 30 books books for Vol 1. Once that is done, I guess I can move on to another book lol.


Next big thing for your personal collection?  Your grail?
  • Amazing Spider-Man #1 and AF #15.


Most unique or favorite thing in your collection?
  • My commissioned Spider-Gwen from Peach Momoko. Spider-Gwen Custom Cover Artwork by Peach Momoko


Raw or Graded? Why? 
  • It really depends for me. I have some PC books I am ok as raw, even if it is a major key. Some of the books I feel needs to be protected or locked into a grade, I would press myself and submit to CGC for a grade.


Best find or score?
  • A free collection from a local collector that had sequential issues of Xmen 99-300, New Mutants 1-100, Alpha Flight, Wolverine, Excalibur and others. Ranging from early 1980s to later 1990s.


 Advice to new sellers or collectors.
  • Collect what brings you joy.  You will meet some really cool people while you are searching for your grails, make the best of it.


Thanks again to Tommy for the interview and letting us take a peek at your super awesome Peach Momoko Spider-Gwen cover, we're totally jealous.  Don't forget to check out Yellow Snow Comics for Variants and Exclusives!


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