Interview Series with Matt & Steve of the Comic Mint!

     This interview is with the good people over at the Comic Mint.  This is one of my favorite online stores, so I was really excited when they agreed to do an interview for us!  If you haven't heard of them, you've more than likely seen some of their exclusive variant covers with some of the hottest artists in the industry!  

What got you into comics?

  • I was given a box of old Spider-Man comics from a family friend when I was really young and I became super interested in all the “bad guys”. As a child hood wrestling fan who loved the “bad guys” best this was just a completely new world.
Favorite childhood memory about comics?
  • The comic book store in the Trumbull CT mall that I would wait in line at every week to get my comics and cards. Nowadays, no one would have let an 11 stand in line at a mall alone. The good ol’ days.
Tell us about the origins of the Comic Mint.
  • Steve Finkel - Around 5 years ago with humble beginnings and a goal of offering the best variant covers on the market with a focus on high quality art. It grew exponentially into a much larger business that often offers 2 different exclusives a week along with our standard weekly diamond books we offer. The comic business is ever changing and we like to try everything we can to move with it. Working large scale conventions, offering virtual signings, even new certification for books. Our goal is to give collectors the best experience we can.
Biggest mistake you made when you started selling?
  • My personal biggest mistake was thinking I was going to get rich off of Super-Pro #1 back in the 90’s. I must have had a hundred copies of that in my house at one point.
What’s your favorite character or title to collect?
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Next big thing for your personal collection?  Your grail?
  • My grail will always be an original 1st print of TMNT #1. Unfortunately I don’t have a spare 50g’s laying around. 
Most unique or favorite thing in your collection?
  • I have a wall of original turtle art done by some of the original creators (Peter Laird, Jim Lawson, Michael Dooney etc). I would bring index cards to shows and have them do a quick sketch. It's still growing to this day. If any one knows where A.C Farley is from the original run and can find a way to get me a sketch, let me know!
Raw or Graded? Why? 
    • For me, Raw. I don’t tend to resell anything from my collection and I like being able to look at my books. But I'm also the guy who opens all his action figures so I might just be a bad judge of this question.
    Best find or score?
      • Once found an original Millennium Falcon in box at a tag sale for 5$ when I was about 15. I couldn’t have given my money to them fast enough.
       Advice to new sellers or collectors.
        • Collect what makes you happy. Even if you are going to sell things, filling your house or business with things that you don’t like and you don’t enjoy will weigh on you. Remember, you will be looking at these things every day. As a new collector, this sounds random, but remember to take moments to look at things. It is easy to forget that you have so much cool stuff cause you see it every day. I do a little night time walk. Before bed I always peek at my display cases and some of the prints and art on the wall. Ends the day on a happy note. Also to new collectors… Welcome, you are now broke.

        A huge thank you to Matt & Steve of the Comic Mint for taking time out of their busy schedules to do the interview!  If you haven't, check out their site now.

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