Interview Series with Instagram Creator - Chad Sorenson of @excelsior1975

     This week's interview series is with a friend I know through the Chicago hip-hop community.  We're Facebook friends and saw one of his posts promoting his Instagram account: @excelsior1975.  He had some amazing content and also is a comic book collector!  Check him out on Instagram for all the incredible stuff he's put together.

What got you into comics?

  • The vibrant colors and images attracted me without a doubt .

Favorite childhood memory about comics?

  • As a kid in the 80's I really didn’t know of any comic shops near me.  I always rode my bike up to the nearest 7-11/White Hen to buy my comics.  I remember always feeling like it was a victory to get the next issue in a series because sometimes that next Cap or Spider-Man issue was gone! 
@excelsior1975 on Instagram

    What got you into creating content on Instagram?

    • I’ve always been a collector and collected figures, toys and records . When Instagram came about I saw people taking pictures of toys and collections.  I then came across a group called ACBA (Articulated Comic Book Art) I saw what they were doing and totally wanted to jump into it!  It’s been a blast, especially during the last year with Covid, not being able to go anywhere.  It gave me a great outlet to be creative.

    @excelsior1975 on Instagram

    Biggest mistake when you started?

    • Sometimes the biggest problem isn't necessarily the ideas.  However when I come up with an idea, the execution and set up can be daunting.  It can take hours sometimes to just get it right.

    @excelsior1975 on Instagram

    Who's your favorite character? 

    • I’m a Cap guy but I love everything Moon Knight.  Marc Specter is one of my absolute favorites.

     Next big thing for your personal collection?  Your grail?

    • My next grail is on Marvel Legends, Fing Fang Foom, it’s one of the few I don’t have.  I might pull the trigger on one someday lol!

    Most unique or favorite thing in your collection?

    • Honestly a little comic my girlfriend drew for me, I love it so much I have it printed out a shirt.

    What's the future for @excelsior1975?

    • Just continue to get better make the scenes more elaborate.  I want to  continue to put out interesting content.
    @excelsior1975 on Instagram                                                      

      Best find or score?

      • Biggest I came across a copy of werewolf by night 32 years ago for under 5 bucks It wasn’t a massive value on it then but man I felt like i won the lotto that day.

      Advice to new collectors or content creators.

      • When creating content, always try to be original but don’t be afraid to be inspired. 

      @excelsior1975 on Instagram

      @excelsior1975 on Instagram

      @excelsior1975 on Instagram

       @excelsior1975 on Instagram

      @excelsior1975 on Instagram

      @excelsior1975 on Instagram

      People can follow my IG @excelsior1975

      A huge thanks to Chad for the interview and all the great content, it was a real treat going through your Instagram account!

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