Interview Series with Facebook Seller - Shawna Randall

     This interview series is with one of the sellers I bought from when I originally joined the groups on Facebook.  Her fair pricing and unbelievable packing definitely made an impression from all the other sellers.  It was so good that when I started selling myself, I turned to her for a lot of advice and she was always quick to reply with knowledge and helped me trememdously.  Hopefully you can learn from her as well.

What got you into comics?

  •  To be honest, money.  We were talking about going on a vacation and my husband handed me a stack of his comics one day.  He said "see what you can get out of these."  I started researching them and was shocked at what some of them were going for!  But, I also noticed the price difference on eBay and wanted to know why one book could sell for $5 today, but, 3 weeks ago, it was $40!  I get a little OCD when I start learning about something new, so every door I opened led to another and the whole comic book world amazed me!  

Favorite childhood memory about comics

  • I wasn't a huge fan growing up, but I did have an awesome pair of Wonder Woman underoos I wore WAYYYY more than I should have.  I mean, who wouldn't think they were invincible in those things?!🤷  I also loved hiding my brother's super heroes on him...aah, memories...
What got you into selling comics? 
  • Again, it was just something that was never meant to be more than selling a couple extra books, but I absolutely fell in love with all of it.  The heart people put into years of collecting.  The stories people tell about being a child and reading their first Batman or Spider-Man.  The preservation of a book originally created for a child, the artwork, and most of all, the amazing people I have met during this adventure.  That's what KEEPS me selling comics.

Biggest mistake you made when you started selling

  • Oh geez, let me see...I think my biggest mistake at first was getting discouraged enough to want to quit selling.  Selling on EBay left a bad taste in my mouth because of a scammer.  But, one day, I was thinking, there are groups for everything on Facebook.  I bet there are comic groups!  It was like night and day! 
What's your favorite character or title to collect?
  • I really don't have a favorite. I do like villains more than heroes.  I would rather you tell me what YOU collect and help you find what you want.  I love art more than anything.  That's where my heart the art, not the story or character.
Next big thing for your personal collection. Your Grail? 
  • I would absolutely LOVE to have a Parrillo original art piece!  Or a Crain original! 
Most unique of favorite thing in your collection
  • It's not in MY collection, but I got it for my husband and it is by far my favorite thing EVER!  I got him a Thanos #13 signed and personalized by Donny Cates.  He is a USMC vet and Mr Cates signed, 'To Matt, Semper Fi! Donny Cates.

Thanos #13 Signed by Donny Cates

Raw or graded? Why?
  • Definitely raw.  Mainly because most of my customers prefer raw.  But, I also like to clean and press books.  I love bringing the beauty back to books that are 40-60 years old 
Best find or score?
  • It had to be when a friend sent some books with me to sell and there was a stack of The Walking Dead Last Wine Variants.  We couldn't find anything on them so we held on to them.  Not long after that, a couple surfaced on eBay for $1000!  We did some more digging and found out they were given as an incentive when you bought the Walking Dead wine! The sales went through the roof on them!

Advice to new sellers or collectors 

  • To sellers: Learn, learn, learn!  Be perceptive when it comes to your customers.  Listen to what THEY want.  Find out what they like.  Always pack like you are sending your books through a hurricane.  And don't get discouraged!  Everything worthwhile takes time and patience
  • To collectors: Collect what you love, no matter what it is and make memories with those that share your passion

Shawna Randall, XXX Comics

 If you're on Facebook check out the group she started

Thanks again to Shawna for another great interview.  If you have someone you feel we should reach out for our next interview series drop a comment below!

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