Interview Series with the owner of Jay's Comics - Naiot

     This interview series is with a long-time seller on Facebook and an admin of one of the larger comic book groups I'm in.  I've bought from him several times and his packing has always been top notch and delivery timely.  I figure he'd be a great person for our next interview series.

What got you into comics?

  • Seeing one of my classmates reading the Spider-Man McFarlane series in class.

Favorite childhood memory about comics?

  • Reading comics in class.

What got you into selling comics?

  • Realizing that selling comics could help me attain other sought after books. 

Biggest mistake you made when you started selling?

  • Sold some of my Silver Age keys like 1st Silver Surfer and Galactus, but I learned a lesson. Sometimes it's good to play the long game.

What’s your favorite character or title to collect?

  • Wolverine has always been my favorite character and ASM Vol.1 is my favorite title.

Next big thing for your personal collection?  Your grail?

  • Star Wars keys and Pokemon cards.

Most unique or favorite thing in your collection?

  • Avengers #1

Raw or Graded? Why?

  • I prefer raw but I also grade to preserve books.

Best find or score?

  • Picked up like 10 or 20 copies of Eternals #1 Jack Kirby cover in a collection plus other major keys.
 Advice to new sellers or collectors.
  • Collect what you like. Yes, it's awesome getting books and then they blow up in value, but that doesn't always happen. Maybe 1 out of 10 times, you'll get it right

    A big thank you to Naiot for taking time out of his busy schedule to do an interview.  If you have someone you'd like us to interview drop a comment below.

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