Interview Series with Facebook Seller - Daniel Daley

     Our next interview in the series is with Daniel Daley, a longtime Facebook seller and also Moderator.  Daniel is a great seller, has extremely fair pricing, great books, and takes great care in packing.  If you ever join any groups on FB, look him up, you won't be disappointed!

What got you into comics? 

  • I walked into a LCS to kill time.  I saw Walking Dead 156 and decided to just buy it.  I quit smoking 3 months prior so little did I know I was getting into a more expensive habit


Favorite childhood memory about comics? 

  • I unfortunately do not have any.  I did not start til I was an older guy (35)


What got you into selling comics? 

  • I was buying books just to buy them.  Then when I realized I had a bunch of books that I didn't care much about I decided to see if anybody would be interested in buying.


Biggest mistake you made when you started selling?

  • I jumped in before I understood the concept of safe packaging.  I always used cardboard but would tape the bag and board straight to cardboard.  Found out that sometimes that tape can catch the book.


What’s your favorite character or title to collect?

  • Walking Dead favorite title to collect but favorite character is Venom


Next big thing for your personal collection?  Your Grail?

  • Walking Dead 100 Hero Initiative. 


Most unique or favorite thing in your collection?

  • My favorite is a toss up.  Captured Collectibles was able to get Clayton Crain to put a peach Ribbon on an ASM cover which stands for endometrial cancer.  I also have some great friends, one of them being Michael LaForge.  He was able to get a great artist and friend Amber Denise Folliet to do a Walking Dead cover that included my family zombies. The Walking Dead Comic The Walking Dead #1 CGC 9.8 The Walking Dead CGC 9.8 SS Custom Artwork by Amber Denise Folliet Amazing Spiderman #1 CGC 9.8 SS - Signed & Sketched by Clayton Crain


Raw or Graded? Why?  

  • Graded.  Reading them and them grading them to keep value is why I guess.  If I want to reread I can always read a paperback or compendium


    Best find or score? 

    • Best Score was recently when I was able to obtain a Walking Dead #1 CGC 9.8 for almost half of current GPA


       Advice to new sellers or collectors. 

      • As a seller don't bite off more than you can handle and Gemini Mailers can be your best friend.  As a collector do not get sucked into the Variant game it is a deep dark expensive rabbit hole haha.

       Thanks Daniel for the great interview and allowing us to see some killer slabs and artwork!  

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