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     This interview series with is with an artist I met through the Facebook groups I'm in.  I kept seeing some great distinctive artwork and found it was her that created all these great pieces.  Tiffany Groves has some amazing work and we caught up with her to get an inside perspective as an artist.

What got you into comics?

  • I am in no way a huge fan or expert on the subject, to be honest my enthusiasm came in reverse, as in I started drawing and researching and then got interested.

What got you into art and drawing comics?

  • I originally was a sketch card artist and started drawing for the Star Wars sets, but I really wanted to express my art on a larger canvas.

How did you break into the industry?

  • I was asked to draw comics through Scott’s Collectable and take commissions for Marvel, DC, Independent variant blank covers.

Who are some of your influences?

  • I love the work of Steve Pugh, Sana Takeda and Gary Frank

Any pre-drawing rituals, must haves, music preference while drawing?

  • Oh, I have loads of habits like that, got to have audio books! I love reading but drawing means I can’t read as much so audio books were the ultimate solution! :-D  Also mints, on standby and lots of water!

What are some adversities do you encounter as an artist that fans might be unaware of?

  • I suppose something that always is still an issue is that moment when you finish the drawing and then show the client and hope and pray!  That you have achieved the right vision that they are hoping for. The composition is all important to collectors, they have a vision, and they are relying on me to make that a reality and it’s so important I get it correct.

What's been your favourite project/cover you've done?

  • My crossover of Harley Quinn, dressed as Catwoman, I designed the idea myself as though Harley had raided Selina Kyle’s wardrobe :-D

Harley Catwoman Commissioned Comic Book Cover by Tiffany Groves

What's next? Future goals?

  • I suppose long term I would like to be asked to draw printrun covers or a major project like a Spider-Man or something that would be seen all over the world.

Anything you would've done differently?

  • To be honest I try not to think like that, can’t change the past, just move forward.

Advice to new artists or creators.

  • Be true to your own style! what you feel from inside and how YOU illustrate it is YOUR style don’t imagine that you are better or worse than any other artist, stay the course with your own vision, honestly.

Vampirella Comic Book Commissioned Cover by Tiffany Groves

Custom Artwork by Tiffany Groves

 Thanks so much to Tiffany for taking time out for the interview and sharing all the great artwork.  If you're looking for great custom work, hit her up for commissions!

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