#comicbooktiptuesday - Additional Questions to Ask When Buying High Value Books

     There's so many factors that go into grading and evaluating a book before buying it.  One of the biggest things that can come after the sale is buyer's remorse.  So it's a good idea to get into the habit of asking just one additional question about a book.  What would that be?  I've listed what I would ask in order to make sure I made an educated decision.

  1. Ask for a picture of the back of the book.  
  2. Ask for closer pictures of anything that you have any doubt on.
  3. Ask if the book is complete.
  4. Ask about the condition of the staples.
  5. Ask to see the inside of the book.
  6. Ask to see the centerfold to check the staples.
  7. Ask about how the seller ships books.
  8. Ask if a video is possible if the pictures leave anything to doubt.
  9. Ask another friend for their opinion of the book.
  10. Ask your presser for their opinion of the book.

     You'll never know what you could miss.  There could be a tear, foxing, fading, writing, wrinkles, staining.   All these little things can downgrade your book from the grade you believe it was in.  And some times even if it's a good deal, it won't mean anything if the book isn't shipped properly.  That's why I always ask about how a seller ships books.  Lastly another set of eyes and another perspective will always be a great insurance policy on your opinion.  They may bring up something you haven't considered or even knew about a certain book.

   Don't worry about annoying or bugging a seller.  There's a reason they're selling and if they're professionals they will oblige you.  As they know as collectors, often time themselves, that it's important to ask/answer questions.  I do recommend if a seller pressures you or if your gut doesn't feel right, respectfully leave the conversation.  This is a tactic to pressure you into a sale and can lead to issues in the future.  

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