All the Questions You've Always Wondered About Why a Comic Book is Priced that Much

     I wanted to educate buyers and collectors about why a certain comic may cost what it's listed at.  This is taken from the perspective of a seller by the way.  First up comes the value it's listed in a number of different price guides.  Some may have the issue dollar value higher and some may have it lower.  It's good to take averages as there isn't s definable price that is right or wrong.  A price all comes back to what someone will pay for it.  As hot books that were on the newsstand for cover price can draw upwards of $20 if the comic community deems it to be.

     As a collector myself I tend to be in the majority of sellers who are open to negotiation for issues.  This all depends on what we as sellers paid for it and the profit point.  As a seller I get he statement all the time that they could find something cheaper somewhere else.  And that's totally fine, I'm more than happy that they could get a better deal for themselves.  So I wanted to break down the price I set to elaborate why I set it.

     A comic price will involve several different factors to getting to that amount.  First for me is how much did I buy it for?  How in demand is the book?  I tend to be a little more fair or lenient as a collector I don't like to price gouge books as it's what I wouldn't like to have happen to myself.  The price you're paying also goes in to supplies such as bags/boards/regular and packing tape, Gemini mailers, postage and fees for whatever sales app you're using as well.   But also the time it takes to pack a comic correctly.  Plus in these times of Covid 19 the USPS isn't doing pick ups anymore, so I factor in drive time as well in to the price.  Several times to save on money I'm buying all my supplies in bulk so they are my initial investment in to my business which I need to help recoup to profit.  Plus if I had a brick and mortar store, all the upkeep would be factored in.  But if you're a small seller like me you do have these expenses.  Such as energy and space in your home to keep stock.  I have a dehumidifier by my collection and stock to make sure they're kept in close proximity to conservations standards.  That as well is factored in to a price.  Again these are all small figures but you add them up and realize that you couldn't sell a book at what you're wanting to.

     Plus I'm a deal hound myself I understand the concept of negotiation so I'm all about bartering to reach a mutual price point.  But you have to realize that the comic is that price for all the factors named above.  And since I come from a sales background, people lowballing me doesn't really have any affect on me as it may have on newer sellers.  It's just a part of the territory.  I always treat anyone that approaches me with respect and kindness in every transaction.  When I buy I tend to buy from places that do the same and abide by the golden rule.  

     Lastly I say that there are a handful of times I have sold a book at lower than cost for a few different reasons.  One maybe that I highly over valued the book and had to come to the harsh realization that either no one wanted it or the condition was lower than expected.  Another maybe that it has been sitting too long and I need to make space for newer comics I have bought.  But most common for me is to offer deals to repeat customers.  They're priority number one and if you treat them right, they'll be quick to remember when you're selling something in the future.  And it's your book vs someone else's on another sales app or site.  

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